Media Power

Abuse of Media Power

Media….a very different picture?

The media has enjoyed encouraging this bizarre fabrication.

Many AMI parishioners would have given a very different perspective – if ever a reporter had asked.

Not even one did!

Not one so-called journalist bothered to check the court records after Martin Penney so hastily withdrew his $million false claim against Pastor Rocco Leo.

If a single ‘reporter’ had checked they would have found that the out of court settlement was not, and to this day, is not confidential, but freely available to anyone who cares to look.

Wasn’t it more than a little strange, unbelievable, that someone should back out of a chance to pocket a $million or more?

Why didn’t a journalist look?

Was it because it might have revealed they had been conned by a massive pack of lies?

Was it because they were embarrassed to have been so easily hoodwinked?

Even worse was it laziness?

(one was overhead asking another if they knew the result, but neither bothered to find out)

Answers are required. Without them the public should, at the very least, distrust every word from such unreliable and unprofessional sources.

Sources supposed to investigate and deliver the truth appear to be misusing the power entrusted to them by the Australian public.