Martin Penney

As a former AMI volunteer & parishioner, turned police informant, Martin Penney had run foul of Federal Government agencies (AFP & ATO) in 2009 when he was investigated by the Department of Immigration for 457 Migrant Visa breaches with regards to his company Paint Professionals trading as Mattena Corp. See evidence   


..unscrupulous shady deals…

Its alleged that a deal was done to assist unethical & corrupt government officials to devise events to smear AMI/Agape and Pastor Leo because of the vast Mining Exploration Licences that Pastor Leo had been assigned in South Australia. Further, it appears that, by spreading lies, this Martin Penney influenced others to attack this charity.

It appears by others’ sworn affadavits, that initially Martin was used and willingly colluded with his brother-in-law (SAPOL officer Robert Michaels) and other ambitious and unscrupulous police officers to discredit AMI by having an organised and very public police raid conducted on the Church and certain targeted parishioners homes.   More details


Why such a statement?


Because Martin Penney is a proven police informant with a vested interest.

And yes, the evidence exists.

At the time of the raids on AMI/Agape Penney was preparing a civil court claim (submitted just days after the raids of 19/5/2010) against AMI, Ps Leo and others. If he had been successful he stood to gain at least $1.2 million over and above the $600,000 already loaned, interest free. In his supporting affidavit Penney falsely claims no knowledge of police investigations, yet he was the one orchestrating against the Church with police.

A powerful incentive to discredit AMI?


Note: Penney hastily withdrew his claim when he discovered AMI had proof he was the police informant. 


His neighbour & brother-in-law: Police Sergeant Robert Michaels

A serving SA Police sergeant, Robert Michaels and Martin Penney are closely related – they are brothers-in law. And would you believe, conveniently live in adjoining properties? They even had a gate installed in their common fence.

In the lead up to the AMI raids these men were overheard by a Penney employee as they spoke secretively about taking down the Church.