The Story

‘this is by far, not a mediocre story’ 

Quoting journalist Liz Mullen: Writing and reporting are different skill sets. A journalist is a writer and a reporter. Sometimes great reporters are not great writers and vice a versa.  But the story is about the facts and the facts are unearthed by reporting. If you have compelling facts, it’s almost impossible to have a mediocre story.”

Jesus said “If they persecuted Me they will also persecute You …for they hated Me without a cause”

Why the Persecution?

In the history of Australia, such outrageous hounding of a Christian church, in the conservative Adelaide capital of South Australia – the state renowned as the CITY OF CHURCHES, founded on the tenet ‘commitment to freedom of religious expression’, this certainly has been unprecedented.

But the stakes are high, and the motivation stems from the dangerous combination of power and greed…


‘wickedness abounds’

In May 2010 a sinister plot that had been brewing for some time emerged. It was a plan to destroy innocent Australians. A member of the legal fraternity compared it to the disgraceful persecution of Lindy Chamberlain and her family. This case is worse. Like the ripple effect when a stone is thrown into a pond, for it has affected so many innocents.


‘corruption rife… a feeding frenzy’

Orchestrated by corrupt state politicians whose greed could be compared to the Obeid scenario (it seems most states have suffered appalling corruption by the carpetbaggers rife in this country) a plan was diabolically hatched. Aided and abetted by tainted media and members of the justice, law enforcement and legal fraternity, along with others having greedy ambitions of their own, this conspiring caused a huge explosion and tried to destroy a Christian church in South Australia.

And the shockwaves devastated families and businesses, causing many to flee the ensuing publicity. Law abiding people making a positive contribution to society for decades, actively helping others less fortunate, and striving to peacefully live their Christian walk.


‘caused by high level corruption?’

These schemers involved the Federal Government ‘vehicle’ known as the Australian Taxation Office. It has been used in an effort to steal millions and destroy innocent Christians. Elements within this organisation, deceived by lying informants, avidly joined into the plot.

And why would the ATO get drawn into something like this? It’s really very simple. Because there is potentially such great wealth associated with this church that greed and avarice have engulfed many who have become complicit in this saga. Bonuses tied to assessments have fed this lust within tax officers.


‘God helps – man oppresses’

The powerful politicians (these are a former supposedly independent speaker, former minister of the crown and even a former premier – Labor) were trying to steal potentially lucrative mining exploration leases. The holder of these leases, a former president of a political party, was so mightily persecuted by these men that he was distraught. One day, in complete and utter despair, in the depths of depression he decided to suicide – on the steps of South Australia’s Parliament House.

He was saved. A man of God helped him. He was brought back from the precipice of death.

In turn, he chose to bless this man of God by assigning him the mining exploration leases (larger and richer than South Australia’s Olympic Dam).

This resulted in the scurrilous plotting and planning to destroy anyone and everyone associated with this wealth. Wealth intended to constructively and sustainably aid unfortunate Australians, and for helping others in need, living in neighbouring countries. The need is so great and the workers so few!

So the corrupt turned to others they could involve and taint. Others whose avarice was fed by this plan – sadly there is so much corruption. It is all across this nation!


‘government agencies lend air of legitimacy to the dishonest’

These authorities rushed in to lend their so-called legitimacy to the confected claims so irresponsibly aired by a media keen to get the ratings regardless of truth or collateral damage.

‘malicious, reckless, unprecedented treatment’

The ensuing persecution of a Christian ‘man of the cloth’, the ministers aiding him and their supporters is unprecedented in Australia. Even the Inspector General of Taxation’s office has commented on the maliciousness demonstrated by public servants.

One of Australia’s legal tax experts (for 9 years a senior litigator for the ATO before going into private practice) presented the facts of this case to a panel of experts. All agreed they had never seen anything like this!

An independent accountant, tasked to review AMI’s financials, commented that the ATO’s actions were reckless.

In revoking the church’s charitable status (based on flawed evidence), the ATO caused a flood of other actions which have resulted in reputations being ruined, funds frozen and efforts to reverse it being hamstrung. Even the courts have been manipulated with public servants knowingly presenting flawed evidence to influence the judge’s decision. Link to blog post blog

The evidence of AMI’s innocence is provided. It is ignored. Lives are threatened. 16 police reports are ignored by law enforcement officers prejudiced by all the lies. Anyone associated with AMI is vulnerable.

A 60 Minutes producer wanted to do a story about it. The facts are so astounding that if presented as a ‘blockbuster’ true life movie; watchers would say ‘it’s unbelievable!’ ‘it couldn’t really have been that bad…could it?’ When this producer was provided with substantial proof it caused great excitement. It also caused shock and horror to some. Orders from ‘high above’ intervened to shut this 60 Minutes story down. It seems too many powerful people (prominent politicians of the day and law enforcement officers?) had too much to lose!

Despite all this the Christian ministerial work of the Church continues, both in Australia in a neighbouring nation. For God’s work will not be stopped by adversity. [With Australia as the base, this work has consistently occurred around the world for 33 years.]


‘a mystery…’

The evidence is overwhelming. Why do the authorities continue to ignore the mountain of solid proof and witness testimonies spanning 20+ years which screams ‘Christian religious institution’? Why do they ignore the implications of police corrections publicly announced and posted on their own website? Why do they ignore the two media releases and media conference held by South Australia’s Director of Public Prosecutions?

It is a sad indictment on the nation of Australia, which has always taken great pride in it’s relaxed attitude and tolerance for all comers, that, to date, based on outrageous frenzied and seriously flawed media reports, it has been so quick to condemn a Christian ministry.

Read more.

‘media called to account’

However this doesn’t excuse the media. Most reporters pride themselves on their professionalism – of being impartial, objective, even-handed, and of course giving both sides of the story. Reporting the facts. Not anymore! This so-called vocation is at best on life support. To quote: ‘Research skills are vital to journalism. Reporters need to be comfortable with gathering information and data from a variety of sources…’

Reporting whatever is in the media release or the so-called news feed, or reporting as news what another reporter has said, does not cut it. No fact checking. No researched stories. Instead, biased opinions dressed up as journalism.

“Reporter” is a specific role: Someone who gathers facts and information from  multiple sources, verifies them and writes a story or relays (reports)  those findings in a TV, radio or Internet broadcast.

Writing and reporting are different skill sets. A journalist is a writer and a reporter. Sometimes great reporters are not great writers and vice a versa.  Those who claim to report the news – the stories of the day and are given access to do so, as members of the media are surely accountable to report a story. Even further, they are entrusted to do so. Not twist it, or filter it, as their own personal opinion, or bias, or prejudice. [Link to antagonists] – Pangallo section (below)]

How many people calling themselves journalists actually do report impartially? Is this profession dead, but not yet buried?

After all, the story is about the facts, and the facts are usually unearthed by checking, even investigating, before reporting.


If you have compelling facts, it’s almost impossible to have a mediocre story!

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