As a global voice to highlight the deceptive ways of the media, politicians, public servants, and the antagonists …

This site presents the facts (ie with hard-nosed evidence to counter the smears, fabrications, and the outright lies polluting people’s minds) with the suggestion to examine, fact check, and come to your own conclusions.


‘…for the truth will set you free!’

This information has been prayerfully and painstakingly presented to convey the complex nature of this never seen before discrimination and hounding faced by a Christian church and charity and its Ministry Team.

In a seemingly well planned series of media forays, adversarial claims, police raids and tax office onslaught this church was submitted to what a senior lawyer described as not having seen anything like it since the hysteria of the 1980’s Lindy Chamberlain case. How wrong were media and police then?


‘guilty until proven innocent…’


Making a difference is an act, not just a word

Good works speak without uttering a word

‘hang on! That’s the wrong way around, isn’t it? …This is Australia …. isn’t it?’

Amazingly it has all been based on unverified reports from a disgruntled former parishioner with contacts. In their headlong rush to condemn, at no time did any of the media or public servants even pause to check this person’s motives, or the facts.



‘lives threatened’

Since May 2010, these Ministers, who were on an international aid and missionary fact finding trip, have been stranded in the South Pacific, unable to return to Australia because their lives are in danger. Because the minds of police have been polluted by the outrageous stories (fed to them by a man blinded by greed and jealousy) there could be no confidence of protection from very real threats.


‘exposed for all to see’

In 2012 this envious man, who had been hiding in the shadows, was exposed as the police informant referred to by South Australia’s Director of Public Prosecutions as one of the ‘unreliable witnesses’ he hastily withdrew this bogus claim to rob this church and charity.


‘David vs Goliath’

Unfortunately by this time the tax office, ignoring all the evidence of AMI being a religious institution, had also weighed into the fray with reckless claims of it’s own. Lawyers describe their malicious tactics as the ‘pay now, fight later’ method, designed to bankrupt and destroy the taxpayers’ chances to object. The fight continues. For faithful supporters will not rest until the funds (post-tax dollars) given to help those in need are released back to this church and charity.


‘truth stranger than fiction’

Truth is most definitely stranger than fiction. And this story is a prime example of this well known saying. Please explore this website where it has been displayed for all to see!


‘if it happened to us it can happen to anyone’

This Ministry is a powerful and effective Christian Church, Charity and Missionary outreach dedicated to sharing the timeless message of love and hope brought so long ago by our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been serving the public for close to 40 years through Pastor Leo’s and various Ministers’ dedication to genuinely helping people and the proof of that is that he and his Ministers continue to serve the Lord even now exiled in a 3rd world country having all their personal assets and that of the Church frozen by greedy Tax Office officials spurred on by the media frenzy. They have not only had to survive at times with no food for stretches of days at a time but have had to endure not seeing their families during this ordeal: Pastor Leo has not seen his 10 new grandchildren grow up, has seen his mother sustain a stroke and had his wife, children and grandchildren thrown out onto the street as the Tax Office illegally sent in the Sheriff. His Ministers Joseph and Mari have had to endure the pain of not being able to be in Australia for their mother who sustained 2 strokes because of the unrelenting stress, have government helicopters hover multiple times over their parent’s rural property causing much anxiety and pressure for the elderly parents, which eventually caused their beloved father to pass away in the midst of all of this.

If what you read in these pages leads you to ponder ‘what is going on in Australia that such events and outright persecution happens?’ it is time to do something about it.


‘for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing’ (Edmund Burke 1770)