Myths & Facts – Part 2

And more….

Myth 4: AMI was grooming young girls to marry older men

                      – a truly monstrous lie

 Fact: A hideous allegation was concocted against a young parishioner family, no less than, by the grandmother of these children (influenced by the Judas Iscariot parishioner and his entourage doing his bidding to add fuel to the sensational fire) in order to discredit the church – on national television. Her grandchildren were then forced to have to be assessed by a State Child Psychologist in order to negate these wild media allegations and were found in their report as conventional children, but their father (her son) had his career ruined by this truly atrocious media smear peddled by his own mother ! … who sadly appears to have been overtaken by the figments of an overactive and twisted imagination and fuelled by the antagonists’ lies.

Comments: Another wildly flawed claim without any evidence to substantiate it. Note: The person making these claims appears to be out of touch with reality. The parents of these girls voluntarily took them for evaluation by a State Child psychologist appointed by Families SA Government Department who confirmed they were typical children, as did their school’s principal.

In his well known lust to remain in the media spotlight at any cost, Senator Xenophon prostituted himself by trading his credibility in, for supporting the grandmother who had never even attended Agape Church, detested anything to do with Christianity and had forced her own son to pay rent for living in her garden shed ! Truth is stranger than fiction ! She often spoke despicably of and detested Pastor Leo having helped her son (the parishioner father of these young children) find better life outcomes for himself and helping him out of depression years earlier. She was unfortunately a prime candidate to be used in publicly denouncing the Church and an only too willing participant in sacrificing her family publicly to discredit the Church joining this media crucifixion of an effective Church. And Senator Xenophon? It seems any opportunity to gain the spotlight for himself, regardless of the issue, he was only too willing to jump on any media circus bandwagon as has been attested to by many a politician and newspaper calling him a “media-tart” prostituting himself for anything..shameful !

Is delusional too strong a descriptor for all this utter disgrace?


Myth 5: AMI is not a Church / Charity – they must be blind!

Fact: Since 1998 AMI (Agape) has been registered with the ATO (Tax office) as a Religious Institution and has clearly been outworking the Great Commission as laid down in the Holy Bible to go and preach to the ends of the earth the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ of healing and salvation from all of life’s problems AND to display the power of God through a sanctified ministerial vocation in producing fruit such as miracles, healing, helping the poor, sick, widowed, orphans etc.. Any blind-man can see that this has been happening for decades and is continuing to happen even in exile in the South Pacific.

See >  Testimonies,
See > Ministry Miracles

Comments: In May 2010, in a ‘highly unusual’ move, and with unseemly haste, the ATO (Tax office) revoked AMI’s (Agape’s) status as a charity. It was no co-incidence that it did so just after SAPOL’s (police) illegal raids on AMI’s properties. Since this high-handed action, based on blatant untruths, the ATO has ignored the mountain of evidence, ranging from 1993 – 2010, provided by parishioners (testimonies, signed statements, DVD’s etc. etc.) and supporters.

Note: The ATO cannot revoke status of a religious institution. It knows it cannot. It does not have the power. Why? Because it cannot disprove that churchgoers believe in a higher being (definition of religious institution).

Internal ATO emails and meeting minutes show tax officers see themselves as  judge,  jury and  debt collectors  calling activities illegal, then relentlessly pursuing AMI (Agape). Power corrupts absolutely. But why? Why would the Tax office pursue them unrelenting, being presented with mountains of evidence that they are a church and so cannot revoke their charity status? CORRUPTION and GREEDY Tax office officials. Why is that? Well this is another story and a lengthy one – but it seems that …

                     Bonuses for Tax Commissioners, tied to Tax assessments they raise, have fed this lust within the hierarchy of the Tax Office.

Yes you read that right!

Public servants in the ATO upper levels of Management are receiving secret sliding scale percentage bonuses based on debt collection! That is why they push their lower level ATO slave workers to achieve ‘more scalps.’ Hang-on are they serving the public or themselves? That’s an oxymoron. How can public servants be benefitting personally from the public purse with unrestricted power to oppress hardworking Australians at their twisted pleasure, be given so much free reign to make-up assessments and re-assessments at their will, using the courts and the Taxation Act that gives them free reign to get away with stand-over tactics that are akin to the mafia? All the while driven by a spirit of personal greed to obtain their bonuses, insanely driving Australians to utter despair? Pay us or else we destroy you! And many say the devil doesn’t exist – he does, he manifests through humans with no conscience and a Government that allows it. Unless there is righting of these wrongs the government is complicit in this atrocity towards its people and it will create an atmosphere sooner or later of it’s own demise. 

>    ATO – ‘Cash Grab’ – the truth as to why the Tax Office Hierarchy is so aggressive with the Public’s tax dollars

 That explains their animalistic and demonic means of oppressing people to have no regard and flippantly dismiss the mountains of evidence presented to them of church work over the last 30 years selflessly serving the Australian public overcome sickness, poverty, family breakups, drug and substance abuse and more – deeming them not a church and so ‘we take your charity status away’! What a farce.

The evidence is overwhelming. Why do the authorities continue to ignore the mountain of solid proof and witness testimonies spanning 30+ years which screams ‘Christian religious institution’? Yet they as assessor, judge, debt collector and executioner deem that the Church Ministers who continue to serve the poor regardless of personal benefits, are not a religion. Why do they ignore the evidence presented of the South Australian Police corrections publicly announced and posted on their own SAPOL website that they have no proof against the Church? Why do they ignore the two media releases and media conference held by South Australia’s Director of Public Prosecutions exonerating the Church and its Ministers in 2011?

See official DPP statement >     SA DPP Media Release 27.7.11 highlighted

It is a sad indictment on the nation of Australia, which has always taken great pride in it’s relaxed attitude and tolerance for all comers, that, to date, based on outrageous frenzied and seriously flawed reports, has been so quick to condemn a Christian Ministry. Its simple why all these outrageous actions. An insane spirit of GREED has engulfed these Tax office individuals at the expense of the Australian people and as the saying goes – absolute power corrupts absolutely. The sad fact is that we the public all know this and have suspected their falsity for a long time. One need only to look at Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston’s fall from grace to understand fraud towards the people. Just look at the Government opinion polls and a current delusional government in denial that there’s nothing wrong. Who are they trying to kid with their airs and graces on camera feigning innocence? Time’s up – to fix these wrongs or face the Hand of God’s judgement as they are not judging mere men and women but the Spirit of God Himself. See > Judgement


Myth 6: Pastor Leo is a fraudster – total nonsense !

Fact: As soon as fraud charges were examined by a competent legal mind (DPP), they were withdrawn (approx two months after SAPOL rashly laid them). Ps Leo has given his life to helping others, and since AMI was established has never taken a wage from this church.

Comments: SA’s Director of Public Prosecutions Stephen Pallaris publicly stated there is no chance of Ps Leo being charged with fraud. The DPP issued two media releases and held a media conference to confirm the facts. He made a point of saying his staff found the witnesses they interviewed to be totally unreliable.

See >  DPP Pallaras July 2011 (1) media conference
See >  DPP Pallaras July 2011 (2) media conference

It could be concluded the SAPOL Police officers who ‘found’ these witnesses are dismal interrogators. Or is it something more sinister? Or maybe it’s just naked ambition mixed with GREED and corrupt power? Whatever it is – ITS WRONG!


Myth 7: Claims against Ps Leo & other AMI Ministers show
their guilt.   Completely twisted minds!

Fact: None of these claims have been tested in a court of law.

Comments: One of the two claims made by parishioners (including the Judas Iscariot parishioner bringing a false claim to defraud the Church) was hastily withdrawn by the plaintiff without getting one cent. This spurious claim was withdrawn as soon as the plaintiff, Martin Penney saw a document proving him to be a SAPOL (Police) informant. Surprise surprise! 

The other was unjustly awarded in the plaintiff’s favour (case was led and pushed by the plaintiff’s sister Teresa Fimiani) because Ps Leo, who was under house arrest in Fiji, could not attend the Australian court hearing, so she was awarded a default judgement. Due to the defendants leaving the country on a planned missionary trip before the illegal police raids, the resulting media frenzy, threats to their lives and lack of confidence of police protection, and all funds and assets COMPLETELY frozen they were forced to overstay their visitors visas in Fiji. At the time of this civil trial, being detained in Fiji and under house arrest, they were constrained from leaving that country. Hence they were unable to defend themselves in the civil case.

A default judgement was awarded by the judge against them, without this claim being properly and duly tested in court. Later that week the presiding judge – Justice Lovell did comment that perhaps he should have tested the evidence !


Myth 8: Surely the ATO claims against Ps Leo & other AMI Ministers show their guilt?

Reckless, malicious, lawless public servants drunk on their power!








Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan (ABC news)    & Deputy Commissioner Michael Cranston (charged : complicit in aiding his son in tax fraud!)  

Fact: The ATO (Tax office) THINK they can do what they like – with the support of the courts and their Taxation Act, unless you can fight them after they have tied both your hands behind your back. This non-entity (it was never gazetted so isn’t a government department) is a law unto itself. It is not accountable unless defendants have the resources to get them in front of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal or the High Courts of Australia. Quite a challenge if the ATO has frozen all your assets, or garnisheed all your assets, and is a demon-possessed entity of officials greedy for their own PERSONAL GAIN in getting their percentages and disregarding FACTS !.

Comments: Taxation lawyers describe this as the ‘pay now fight later strategy’. When the ATO has taken everything you own, with what do you fight? The ATO is responsible for numerous marriage break downs, domestic violence, homelessness, major illnesses and even many suicides. And the care factor? ZERO.

In the case of AMI it is believed the ATO deliberately misled the court to get an onerous freeze order that legitimised the flimsy claims laid by former AMI supporters. The ATO set out to destroy this Christian church and charity based on flawed information provided by liars and deceivers and the media hogwash. Senior tax officers even commented that by taking this action they were protecting others who had been a part of AMI. Inappropriate is too mild a term – who do they think they are to be reading claptrap, then acting on it?

And in the meantime they have shut down a Church and charity that was providing practical help and ministry to needy Australians. A Church never asking for Government handouts to support this work. And if that’s not enough, by lending their credible position to the media frenzy and their outlandish claims, the ATO caused many AMI supporters to lose their jobs or businesses. Instead of paying tax and financially supporting the charity’s efforts, these people had to move interstate and overseas many of them to find work or go on the dole, thereby putting a greater burden on Australian taxpayers.


The ATO is LITERALLY out of control !

Note: The Australian Taxation Office only exists as a Statutory Body under the Public Service Act.

It should not have the right to act as judge, jury & executioner upon people it purports to serve.

More than one tax officer has admitted, under oath that, never having been gazetted, the ATO was not an entity. Why was a non-existent body allowed to rape and pillage the sovereign people of Australia?

In 1999 someone decided to challenge this situation in the court. In October 1999 the challenge was successful when the judge ruled in their favour. After 6 panic stricken weeks a patch was devised.

Under the Public Service Act a Statutory Body was created – the ATO of today. This entity continues to oppress the sovereign people of Australia.


UPDATE : see the ABC’s expose’ on the oppressive tactics employed by ATO Commissioners against other ordinary Australians – their behaviour in a civilised democratic country borders on criminal (of which the Deputy Commission has been criminally charged on May 19 2017) The Minister responsible for the Taxation office, as of April 2018 has been called to account for their behaviour and called upon by public outcry to set up a Parliamentary enquiry into their reckless tactics..

See >  ‘Mongrel bunch of bastards’ – Four Corners




That a conspiracy is NOT behind this harassment of a Christian Church, Charity and Ministry team.  This was an orchestrated and planned attack using various people to add to the frenzy as this Church & Ps were a threat to the greedy in positions of power!

Truth: There is no such thing as co-incidence. The media blitz, ATO onslaught, civil claim ambush and the rest, endured by AMI is an orchestrated campaign. A campaign to snatch land and any riches in the form of assets that they can sell that it holds for selfish gain.

There is a saying ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire, but another saying is when you’re up to something truly devious create a smoke screen.


At last the truth – a smokescreen.

A smokescreen to hide the avarice, ambition, jealousy and abuse of power causing this outright persecution of the innocent.

This entire matter has been fabricated by a few people motivated by greed, envy, and ambition, but many other were eager to join the affray. These same people do not care who gets hurt in the process. What does this tell you about the type of person who would be so careless of the damage caused to others who they realise are innocent victims?

A respected lawyer commented on the treatment meted out to Ps Leo, AMI and its followers: “I haven’t seen anything like this media frenzy since the Lindy Chamberlain case” (32 years to be completely exonerated of her baby’s murder).


Thank you for taking the time to seek the truth.

Now it is up to you to do something with it.

For the truth will set you FREE!