Taxation Office


The Australian Tax Office (ATO), in concert with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and Australian Crime Commission (ACC) have a project, ’Wickenby’, ostensibly to investigate money laundering and tax evasion.

This project can be used and abused for less than honourable purposes.

Is this likely to be the case here?

Lending an ‘air of legitimacy’ to flagrantly false and extreme accusations…

Just one week after police raids, the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) revoked AMI’s/Agape’s charity status. This is highly unusual action for the ATO, especially given the timeframe (it couldn’t have been possible to do the normal Comprehensive Review of a charity so quickly).


And this was just the beginning…

Dubious tactics were used to convince the court to freeze AMI’s assets and even the correct processes seem to have been flouted.

Unquantifiable and defamatory damage was done to the charity’s reputation. Massive hardship for AMI parishioners (bystanders) was recklessly caused by actions of people supposed to serve the public.


Unfettered power…

Accountable to no-one except themselves, ATO staff did as they thought fit, ignoring the proof they had misjudged this church and charity. Spinning further and further out of control, this attack broadened into 8 different actions against AMI. Layers of prejudice and malice grew and grew until not one bureaucrat could see the truth, even when it was right in front of them.

Each line of attack supported the others, seemingly in well thought out, even an orchestrated range of actions, each coming closely on the heels of the previous ‘salvo’. Each piece of information was viewed through a prism of bias skewed by ambition, avarice, envy and spite.


Avarice? Almost certainly! 

After all, a nice bonus was awaiting the public servants for issuing reckless tax assessments – this can be a powerful motivator. Careless of who was impacted, these bureaucrats seemed to focus on lucrative bonuses for THEMSELVES such actions can attract – regardless of the merit of the case.

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Australia’s Judgement

Interestingly, during a court case in the late 1990’s, when asked to provide evidence of it’s legitimacy to levy and collect taxes, the ATO did NOT do so. An exhaustive search for records of this so-called department’s formation was fruitless.

ATO staff members’ affidavits actually stated the reverse. There was no evidence it was gazetted. It was not a legal entity. Following it’s exposure during this court case, in an unseemly flurry, bureaucrats spent 6 weeks putting together the appropriate paperwork that would allow them to continue on the same course – legally.


Then why is this body given so much power? 

It seems to be a fair and reasonable question. Yet no ATO official has ever provided a direct answer. All responses hide behind court precedents set by judges who don’t want to address core issues they see as political rather than judicial.

And in the meantime the ATO continues it’s relentless pursuit of AMI outside of it’s jurisdiction. No offence against taxation law or any law has occurred. No funds were diverted from the income of any Australia taxpayer without first meeting full tax obligations. There were no taxation implications in any of the donations.

Harsh words?

How else can a concerted attack against people, consistently doing only good for so many years, be described? ‎