Good Works

‘How this Ministry & Charity helps…’


> Beginning in 2000, Agape Ministries International (AMI) held weekly Church services and Bible studies at the Oakden Bible College, in South Australia. Regular tutorials, in small group format, to allow students greater understanding of God’s Wisdom and Knowledge were also convened for those with a hunger to better know the Lord Jesus Christ.

> International teaching is also conducted on a regular basis via the internet to those in the USA, Europe, and Asian Regions. As a Charitable institution, benevolence has been provided worldwide for since 1993, with regular missionary trips around the world to Europe, Asia, Oceania, South Pacific and America.

> Having established an Orphanage of 58 children and supported missionaries in Kerala, lndia, and having financially supported the building of an orphanage in Kenya, Africa; the tireless work continues to bring God’s message of love and hope to the poor and needy, to transform communities and cities around the globe.

> Practical education and skills training is an integral part of AMI’s philosophy both in Australia and overseas in order to empower the despondent in society and give them hope for a better future. It is active in development projects to set up self-sufficient economic models for developing communities in many and varied ways. These leverage the many skilled volunteer resources within the organisation, and lead to empowered people who become self reliant and an asset to society. Many parishioners are migrants and have been greatly assisted through the Church’s charitable and educational skills programs to become confident, positive members of the community and not a drain on Government resources. To invest in the moral fabric of society through not only teaching God’s precepts and concepts of Gods wisdom and knowledge but to be able to put that wisdom into action through practical skills training has seen many overcome financial challenges, social, family issues and become role models in their own sphere of life.  


                                                               Renewal and Reconciliation…    

Making a difference is an act, not just a word

     Good works speak without uttering a word

“By our lives, words and deeds, we seek to make known God’s offer of renewal and reconciliation through Jesus Christ, and to encourage people to respond, without coercion of any kind. This approach is just as important as the physical, social, political and economic and aspects of our vocation. Agape love – God’s unconditional love manifesting through us as carriers of his Holy Spirit (to have a Holy mind), sees all of humanity through the eyes of Christ who Himself showed us the way in which we were to overcome this world. That to love meant to sacrifice oneself willingly for others, through continual prayers and deeds, whether they do good or evil to you ! It may be a tough call, but as followers of Christ this is what every believer is called to do.”  

                        …our actions speak as loudly as our words…