‘No fly by night’… but over 40yrs of sacrificial good works

Established in 1993, Agape Ministries lnternational (AMI/Agape), was created from a heartfelt desire to see people set free by the power and the name of our Lord Jesus Christ-Almighty, God and Saviour. In 2000, it’s Oakden, South Australia headquarters was officially opened.

AMI is an independent and sovereign organisation directed by the Holy Spirit of the Lord.

As a non-denominational Church and Christian humanitarian organisation it provides:

  • Christian education (including Bible studies),
  • Charity and Benevolence (including Orphanages)
  • Economic Development Projects
  • Social Development Programs

To transform communities around Australia and the world as Commissioned by the Holy Christian Bible, the tireless work continues to bring God’s message of Unconditional Love to the poor and needy.

For over 40 years Ps Leo and Agape Ministries has been outworking the Lord’s Great Commission to go into all the world and tell of God’s resurrection power to help anyone out of their problems and by physically lending a helping hand and giving provisions as the good Lord did Himself. From Australia, to Asia (preaching rallies), India (establishing an Orphanage), to the Americas and South Pacific (helping the poor and chronically sick through medical aid and prayer for healing) – many have been touched through this powerful ministry established by the Spirit of God. (See Good works)

‘message of love and hope to the poor and needy’

The core of the Church’s function is to spread the good news that there is real and tangible hope for all of life’s challenges through applying the principles of life taught by the Lord Jesus Christ (God as man on earth). It is done by teaching Christian values through charitable, educational, social and economic undertakings. AMI (Agape) aims to perpetuate the good news that the good Lord loves us and wants to bless those who believe and are willing to accept His goodness.

‘despair transformed into hope and joy

To see the Lord Jesus Christ’s message of love and hope bring life, in all its fullness, to those in need of faith.


‘giving freely, as one has been given’

Based on sound Christian doctrine from the Holy Scriptures as written in the Bible,  values are grounded in selfless love of God, embracing – educating others in ‘Agape’ love (Greek word for God’s unconditional love).

  • valuing human life as a most precious gift, regardless
  • cultivating people’s personal growth, social justice, economic well being, upholding God’s love in “giving freely, as one has been given”
  • leading people on their spiritual journey in their personal walk with their Saviour- Almighty God