The Australian media has been falsely reporting on the events surrounding the Agape Church case from May 2010. One of the main protagonists against Agape from inception, has been this reporter Sean Fewster from The Adelaide Advertiser Newspaper. Every single article this man has published has been duplicated many times over by other news outlets worldwide, peddling the same twisted truths. His reporting has been partial truths interlaced with twisted truths to suit a negative and evil narrative towards the Pastor and the Church that has continued for 9 years. The Church continues to pray for the salvation of this man’s soul for the evil he has been allowed to perpetrate and the consequences as a result of his deceitful words, has inflicted much damage to many families. There have been strokes, heart attacks, families destitute, innocent families forced to leave the State, their families and homes, much personal wealth lost, parishioners’ lives endangered, various deaths due to mental anguish and even court outcomes influenced by his skewed reporting (of which Tax officers and judges have erroneously relied upon as part of court documents as if it were all truth)..all this directly attributed to his reporting and that of The Advertiser Newspaper, without ever presenting a balanced viewpoint or commentary from representatives of Agape Ministries International itself. This man’s sole actions and that of The Advertiser Newspaper (Rupert Murdoch owned paper) have caused irreparable damage to many people and their livelihoods. The Church continues to pray for this man’s salvation for hell is real. Hell and lies is what he creates, what he has based his livelihood on, what he sells, all which originates from a very dark place in the mind of man, yet its ramifications are eternal.  What one sows on earth (pain for others) will be reaped not only here, but more importantly their reaper awaits them in the after life (to torment eternally) if they don’t turn from their wicked ways… may the Lord have mercy on their soul..